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Celebrate Easter and the coming springtime with chocolate bunnies, eggs, hens and more. Debora’s chocolates has ready-to-decorate easter eggs for every child to find decorated and hidden with love – just for them!
Order your tasty treats today – and we wish a Happy Easter to you all!

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Not only are the holidays a great time to indulge a sweet tooth or two, but also any occasion can be marked by a yummy treat. From Valentine’s Day to birthdays, anniversaries, and everything between, Debora’s Chocolates has the perfect treat no matter what the occasion.

brighten up

the holidays!

The great thing about holidays is that sweets are often involved. From Christmas advent calendars that mark down the days until Santa’s big arrival, to the basket of sweet rewards left by the Easter Bunny, Debora’s Chocolates invites you to treat yourself and loved ones to a truly delicious and memorable holiday season with chocolates and candies always made fresh.




If you're looking for a special seasonal treat or just want to indulge your sweet tooth, be sure to call us to see what's in store!